Donate now to provide meals to seniors in our community. image

Donate now to provide meals to seniors in our community.

Many seniors have become completely isolated due to COVID-19. Help us ensure they can have a healthy meal while remaining safe in their homes.

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Help us keep the wheels rolling for Meals on Wheels

IMPORTANT: If you wish to participate in the May 16, 2020 virtual fundraiser for Meals on Wheels, please click HERE for ticket purchase and donations.

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on everyone, and we hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

For the seniors we serve, this crisis has been devastating. TVCCA’s Meals on Wheels has seen a spike in the number of calls we’re receiving each day from seniors who are scared that they don’t know how they’ll get the food they need during this period of social isolation. Our delivery drivers are now serving hundreds of additional seniors who have become completely isolated as a result of the pandemic.

Will you make an urgent gift of $40 today to provide a week’s worth of meals for a homebound senior in Eastern Connecticut?

Rosa called our Meals on Wheels program yesterday because her adult son had been bringing her to the grocery store each week, but with her age and poor health, she now can’t risk going to the store or even having contact with her son. She is worried, not knowing how long the food she has will last.

But Rosa was one of more than 65 calls we received yesterday alone. With COVID-19 restrictions expanding, more and more seniors are finding themselves virtually trapped in their homes. The calls keep coming.

Our kitchen staff are working tirelessly to put together emergency frozen and shelf-stable meals, preparing and packaging nearly 9,000 emergency meals that we’ll be delivering this week!

Your support today will ensure that Rosa and many more homebound and isolated seniors like her will not be forgotten. We have a duty and an obligation to care for the most vulnerable in our community. We are truly all in this together and we must come together to ensure the health and safety of our seniors.

Every dollar and every day counts. Your gift today will have an immediate impact on a neighbor in a desperate situation.

Can your neighbors count on your emergency support today?

Please consider a monthly donation to provide meals during this crisis and beyond.